high and rambling

What I’ve gathered so far is that there are a few issues regarding the #GLAAD awards tonight, but nothing big, thankfully.

1. “I’ve kissed girls before it’s fun.”

Some people take offense to this sentence that Dianna allegedly said. No one knows for sure now if she said ‘fun' or 'fine’. My point is that I don’t think it’s not worth getting all frigid over and what not. Dianna said it with good intentions, that’s all I can say.

2. Her speech was ‘too straight’ and she isn’t gay.

Seriously? So not being gay and supporting LGBT rights is now offensive? Or are people just upset that Dianna Agron isn’t gay? Going by the same reasoning, and I know I’m taking it too far, but does that mean as humans we shouldn’t be fighting for animal rights, etc.?

3. The Kiss.

So apparently the kiss was bought by her agent’s boyfriend, and people think that it’s set up. Well, I’ve got nothing to say about this. Why can’t it be me? D:


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